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2019-2020 3rd - 12th Grade BAC Basketball

Registration closes in 8 days

3rd - 8th Grade Players ~
An "A" team will be selected that participates in a more competitive league (the Manchester Suburban League). Other teams are balanced amongst each other, stress equal play and participate in the Merrimack Basketball League. All teams can expect 2 Practices during the week and a game on Saturdays (Manchester Suburban League can have games any day of the week). Both leagues end the season with playoffs/tournament. The Merrimack League ends when February vacation begins. Suburban League ends in mid-March.

HS Grade Players ~
Boys: Play in the Merrimack basketball league with 2 practices during the week and games on the weekend. Followed by an end of season playoffs/tournament lasting a week after the regular season.
Girls: Play in the Concord Rec. League in Concord - if we are able to find enough players to create a team.

Any 7th - 12th grade player that registers for the BAC, and then makes their respective School teams and chooses not to play BAC basketball will be refunded any moneys paid towards the BAC program.

Evaluations are held at all levels to help balance teams, information provided during registration regarding dates and times of evaluations. No players are cut from the program.

The past several seasons we have operated at a budget deficit, so we have had to increase the registration costs this year. We also are requiring the purchase of game shorts (that will match the jersey top). Typically, we would expect players to get two seasons of use out of both (so if you bought a jersey last year you will likely not need to purchase a new jersey this year). We are making the purchase of a practice jersey optional, as well.

2019-2020 1st & 2nd Grade BAC Basketball

Registration closes in 10 days

To be held at the Bow Elementary School gym, cafeteria or the Bow Community Center. Two practices each week (exact time will be based on availability of coaches). Season begins as early as November 30th and may run up to February vacation.

Players will be notified of their team/coach towards the end of November.

There are no evaluations for these players and teams are set up based on a variety of factors (many of which include available times, carpooling, friend groups, schedules and sometimes skill level).

This is a fun league and sometimes the team set up can result in games with lopsided scores - the kids do not seem to mind, but this sometimes frustrates parents. One player, at this age, that really understands the game can completely change the outcome. Keep in mind - this is truly about having fun and more competitive teams and greater emphasis for skill sets and equal teams, etc. begins in 3rd grade.

Coaches Background Check 2019

Information collected from background checks are kept confidential and only used for the purposes of conducting the check. Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.

Background checks with the BAC are good for 2 years from the date of registration for the check.

Getting Help

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